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Guy's Ultimate Kayak Service LLC/Kayak Rental 

 Kayak Rental and Kayak Transport - Muskegon, Michigan - Getting You on the Water   

Sit-on Top

Cobra fish and dive 12ft. long double 600lb limit

Sit-on Top

ocean kayak 9ft. long 34 inches wide 300lb. limit

River Cat

outcast pac1000 10ft. long 500lb limit

Sit-on Top

viper 10.4 10.4ft. long 35 inches wide 300lb limit

Sit-on Top

pelican apex100 10ft.long 250lb limit

Sit-on Top

Sundolphin Bali ss tandem 13.5ft. long double/triple 600lb limit

I have a variety of boats to choose from. The blue pelican is good for kids, while the Cobra fish and dive can fit a person 7 feet tall. The ocean kayak has a rib on the bottom so it tracks the river better, and the viper is a very stable sit inside, great for beginners, The doubles have a 3rd seat for a small child or pet to ride with their parents. The river cat is basically untipable. It uses oars, and has an anchor. You can stop in the middle of the river and fish or have lunch. It is so stable you can jump off and swim. Then climb back on very easily. Watch the video on the left to see the river cat in action.